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Tachov ´s history as the seat of the Lords is beginning to write in 1126, when the local fortress, click Prince Soběslav rebuilt and expanded. Five years later, after the extensions are already talking about the castle. Newly built Tachovský castle was built at the foot of the village Tachova the site of today's castle.

During the reign of Ottokar II. was built in Tachov castle with a massive cylindrical tower erected on a prismatic surface. The base of the tower was built of massive blocks of masonry hlízového. The castle consisted of two brick buildings, one of which was built into the newly built wall.

During the reign of Luxembourg, the castle was extended to the palace. Under Charles IV., Who often stayed at the castle, castle building was apparently accompanied by comfortable amenities of its time. However, in 16 century, the castle was described as decrepit and dilapidated building, and in 1623 the castle was no longer inhabitable. The destruction was completed raids Swedish and Imperial troops. In 1648 the castle was the Swedes burned to the ground.

Losyové who owned the castle from 1664 to 1784, it was rebuilt into a Baroque chateau. Irregular circular castle grounds encircled with stone taras basement spaces. Losyové largely used the old original castle building structures including cylindrical tower.

Nicholas Windischgrätz built in 1800 north wing of the new castle. In 1802 it was demolished the old castle tower, and its place in the years 1804 to 1808 built the south wing of the castle. Material from the tower was used for backfilling trenches north of the castle.

After 1945 the castle began to fall into disrepair unused and in 1968 the castle was intended for demolition. That same year, he began his recovery. Today it houses the town office and an art school. In one of the ground floor rooms can be viewed dovnitřního area of the original castle tower. In the basement you can see its tuberous masonry blocks ovelikosti composed of up to 100 x60 cm.

GPS position

N 49° 47.706', E 12° 37.857'