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Vesnické muzeum Antonína Vaňka

Atonín Vaněk Village Museum was opened in 2010. It introduces the development of agriculture in the Tachov region from the 18th century. The former granary hides amazing treasures on four floors. It warms the heart of fans of old farm machinery and implements. Only selected rarities are shown, as the museum has no depositary. Presently it contains over 400 interesting exhibits. The founder of the museum was local farmer Antonín Vaněk, who gathered the exhibits during more than twenty years. He wanted to save the original stuff used for field work or in rural households. Antonín Vaněk (22/4/1936 – 5/3/2010) died before the opening of the museum. The museum came into existence with the support of local citizens who donated items and refurbished the building. The oldest exhibit is a plow from the 19th century . The attractions include a hand¬-operated brass fire engine from the nineteen twenties and a wooden washing machine from the turn of the 19th century. Tractors and carriages are in the outbuilding. Pupils from the Secondary Vocation School from Bor were also involved in the renovation of old farm machinery. In addition to agricultural machinery and tools the visitor gets acquainted with a number of articles of daily use The museum also houses the forging shop and two rustic rooms from the 18th century – a bedroom and a kitchen where you will find a large number of diverse tools, as well as praying aids such as crosses and Bibles. The Village Museum received the blessing of the church representatives. Part of the museum is the local chapel of Sv. Jan Nepomucký (St.John of Nepomuk), which is used by Orthodox churchgoers. The museum is currently managed by the firm Agročas Částkov, which breeds several dozens of bison in the neighbourhood. Bison are able get at the grass, even if it is covered with a layer of snow twenty centimetres thick.

Opening hours: daily 9 am to 5 pm in July and August , weekends 9 am to 5 pm in May, June and September, ph. 606 327 146 or 724 509 410

GPS position

N 49° 49.672', E 12° 34.915'