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Pernolec lies in a geologically diverse bedrock, the conflict Proterozoic paragneisses and orthogneisses and exiting lanes leucocratic biotite, fine-grained granite Cadomian age.

The first written mention of the village Pernolec dates from 1251, when the village held Přibyslav and his sons and Radoslav Záviš. With the development of the royal town Tachova but its importance has declined. Until 1620 he was Pernolec independent estate. In the village was a fortress, farmyard, feudal courts and the mill. The fortress, which is explicitly reported in 1414. Before 1620 received Pernolec John William Kfelíř of Zakšova and added it to the Old and Sedliste Částkova. The White Mountain confiscation of their property came and bought it for John Christopher Kafka from older Rican. Since then it has been managed from Pernolec Částkova with which the eye passed in 1716 under the dominion Tachov.

The village stood on the historically important trade route from Bohemia to Bavaria, which was called Gold. To protect her were later than the first half of the 13th century fortress built. Gothic protective structure apparently burned down and in its place was built a new Renaissance structure that survives today with modifications. With the development of the royal town Tachova its protective importance has declined. This should then result in frequent change of owners. According to archaeological research, the object renaissance fortress was rebuilt in the early 18th century granary. Building on the edge of the 15 m sýpková contains two floors and an attic. In 1868 the ground floor was converted into apartments. North of the fort was situated manor court, which ceased to exist as a moat of a medieval fortress. Part of the fortifications of the fortress were also ponds, one of which is preserved to this day only one. Dilapidated granary acquired in restitution original owners, who sold the dilapidated building. It was bought by Martin Turner, who had edited the stylish housing. The fortress is inaccessible, but the owner occasionally organizes cultural events in the area.

GPS position

N 49° 46.441', E 12° 40.711'