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Světce are part of Tachov. According to historical sources, the church, which gave the name of the village, probably founded in the mid 14th century. Entirely conclusive reports about him but appear only in the 15th century In the early 17th century is mentioned as a natural state, and over time the new building retreats paulánského monastery church. The original church was donated paulánským monks in 1639. They began to build their monastery, which, however, did not last long. It was abolished in the 80th the 18th Josephine yield century, which also abolished paulánské monasteries in Bohemia. Deconsecrated monastery gained Windischgrätz. They were taken away from him the remains of monks and served as a storehouse and causing its deterioration. He served as the seat of the repairs for tachovského lock.

For nearly seventy Prince Alfred began in 1857 with the construction of large-scale romantic castle, whose construction but did not finish, because in 1862, dies. The chateau was designed and partially demolished building of the monastery church. For 5 years building was built in Světce gross chateau building has three towers. Alfred I. successors in building the castle was abandoned. At the turn of the 19th and 20 century the building was largely demolished and still maintain the only romantic ruins.

At the same time the castle was built and riding. This was completed in 1861. Like the castle was built neorománském style, is a long 60 and 52 meters wide. Its height is 26 meters.

After 1945 passes Windischgrätz possessions, including the state. Unkempt object begins to deteriorate and in 1981 is recommended for demolition. Fortunately, after 1989, changes the view of the tumbledown riding. In 1997, the city receives object Tachov and is still being repaired. There are ongoing surveys that are pre-booked groups of candidates, which can be arranged at the information center in Tachov. Riding stables lives a rich cultural life. Held here numerous cultural events, theater performances and concerts by leading Czech artists. Riding stables included in a list of national cultural monuments. It is the largest Czech riding stables and riding the second largest in Central Europe after the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.

GPS position

N 49° 48.185', E 12° 36.511'