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Světecký vrch

Elongated ridge Světce wooded hill north of the village on saints Tachova is built up to 80 meters thick quartz vein. It is a north-westerly direction to the elongated body Tachov break, sub-tectonic structures Czech quartz wall. Quartz vein here was the subject of mining stopes in small and three large quarries.

Quartz vein with area occurs in at least two generations. The older generation has a compact structure to brecciated quartz grains with limited and irregularly fractured, with discontinuities with rusty red and black coating of oxide compounds of iron and manganese. Less common are kaolinizovaných inclusions of feldspar, mica and fine-grained light hydrothermally altered rock fragments. Second generation of quartz, quartz sealant that older, predominantly milky white, sometimes clear or light gray contrast to almost black, graphite caused by the presence of pigment. Younger quartz lens consists of up to 400 m in the central and northwestern parts of the body and the best parts are clear and milky white. In the cavities of quartz, or the cracks are small crystals of quartz and its sheer variety – crystal.

Already before 1945 took place at the locality occasional quartz mining. Later there was in several episodes of the extracted raw material for ceramic industry (1954–1955 and 1960–1963), and building stone for road repairs. Once in the ceramics industry began to apply the much cheaper quartz sands, mining was stopped at the top of the saintly.

In Světce do not miss the tour of the Pseudo-riding, a national cultural monument, which is the second largest of its kind in Central Europe and walk the 2.5 kilometer long avenue along the Princely Mze.

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