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Muzeum Českého lesa

Museum of the Bohemian Forest is located in the former Franciscan monastery. History of the Franciscan Tachov goes back to 1466. Monastery exhibited on the former hospital and the Gothic church. Mary Magdalene. Hospital and the church were burned after the Hussite troops in 1421 in poor condition, so they were despite numerous repairs eventually demolished and built again. In the years 1686 to 1688 have been built three-storey wing of the monastery. In 1748 struck the church and monastery in fire, which destroyed the roof. In some sources is reported that he was even built all over again, but it is unlikely. Last disaster affected complex in 1945, when it was bombed. After two years, finally received a new roof, but the church tower has been restored. Since 1950 works of regional history museum.

The museum has five exposures concerned regarding the Bohemian Forest and Tachov. The first exposure to the monastic reflektář. This space with the original wall and ceiling paintings, is the most impressive part of the exhibition. Individual scenes show both Franciscan saint and also known biblical stories. It is possible to see large format image and Crusaders battle with the Turks at Belgrade. The rooms are also installed Gothic collection.

The second exhibition documents the history of the Middle Ages, Jewish settlements and industrial development in the region by the end of the Second World War. In the museum there are also ethnographic exhibition documenting life in the region. Introduce you to the life of people in the city and the village. You can see with important sources of support that are represented blacksmithing and the production of garments. Of interest, there is also playing mechanisms that are still functioning, such as Whistle orchestrion. Another exhibition is the nature of the Bohemian Forest. In addition to photographs plant vypreparovaných animals, here you will see a terrarium with live amphibians region. Last and not least interesting is an interactive exhibition that goes through the whole museum and offers visitors the opportunity to not only small play avyzkoušet various subjects.

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