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Důl Otto

Small defunct mine called Otto is situated approximately one kilometre to the northeast from the Svojsin village. The mine was used for a primitive mining of accessible layers of the pyritic slates that were transported as a raw materiál into Josefova Hut afterwards, where leaching of the slate was carried out and sulphuric acid for the cellulose processing was produced. The mine was established at the year 1906 by Wilhelm Hieke from Stribro. Production of the sulphuric acid was carried out directly at the mining locality during the years 1911 – 1912. Local industrialist from Svojsin, Mr. Franz Wartha, was also the member of this family. The mine was open through several pits with maximum depth of about 24 metres. System of gate roads with the length about one thousand metres was dug at the depth about 12 metres below the surface. Maximum development of the mine was probably achieved during the period from 1919 up to 1924, when the total amount of 4 000 tonnes per of the slate year was mined without any technical means. The locality attracted attention of the industrialists several times even after the finishing of the mining activities. Wide-scale geological survey was carried out on the locality at the years 1952 – 1955. The locality was abandoned because more prospective deposits were discovered. Outstanding labyrinth of under ground tunnels was still accessible not a long time ago.

Cross section of the mine Otto

Pits plan of the mine Otto

Wall of pit

Entrace into the mine Otto

GPS position

N 49° 46.547', E 12° 55.719'