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Kostel sv. Petra a Pavla

Svojšín church is one of the oldest and most important monuments in Western Bohemia. Primarily Romanesque tower attracts enthusiastic views of historians and architects. According to recent surveys dendrological residues original timber church was built in the 1149. The portal on the first floor of the tower to allow residential part of the local, now are not preserved, fortress. Tower defense and filled function. In their to 1.5 meters massive wall of sandstone blocks are built openings in addition to ventilation and lighting towers used as loopholes in the event of an attack. The ground floor of the tower is spanned four field cross vaults with passports misguided on pole. The column is very similar to those of the Cheb castle. It is therefore certain that the church built the same hut as mentioned castle.

In the tower are still interesting decorated sandstone blocks. One is painted with the symbol of the cross wheel with a diameter of almost 30 cm. This character can be explained as a memorial to the sanctified church. One of the corner blocks has a carved relief of the moon and the sun, probably symbolizing the alpha and omega of life (beginning and end of the world). The bleachers in the tower watching the gentlemen of Svojšín religious ceremonies. He had been, but the church is less than today. Baroque reconstruction increased Romanesque nave, which was originally in the width of the tower.

In 1355, the church became a parish church. At the beginning of the 18th Century broke out in the church, a fire that destroyed most of the documents. In the years 1740–1766 a new parsonage was built and canceled the original cemetery. The new village was founded for. The largest church finally received the honor in 1781. This parish was ever promoted to the deanery. This was thanks to Archbishop Petr Příchovský, who was born at the castle Svojšín and this church was baptized.

Here one more interesting thing. It is reportedly the smallest cross of conciliation in the country. It was discovered in the field behind the village, then was kept in Pilsen, to prevent its destruction. Now it is returned to Svojšín where they stand outside the church.

GPS position

N 49° 46.033', E 12° 54.615'