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Nature reserves and monuments

Šerák - Keprník

You are standing in one of the most precious localities in the entire Jeseníky Protected Landscape Area, in the Šerák – Keprník National Nature Reserve. As early as in 1905, Prince and master of local forests, Johann Liechtenstein, decided to remove a part of his forest district from logging and leave it as a primary forest. Back then, this area included 172 hectares of Keprník and Vozka top sections. In1989, the area was extended to cover 800 hectares. What do we protect in this reserve? Besides mountain spruce old-growth forest, so-called alpine phytocenoses, for example. Very precious Western Capercaillie and Black Grouse could be found in the reserve; unfortunately, their presence has not been confirmed in recent years. The Northern Birch Mouse lives here, which is a glacial relict (a survival from the ice age). The occurrence of precious spiders was discovered here.

Useful information

Useful information:

Mountain Rescue Service emergency line: +420 602 666 603

GPS position

N 50° 9.486', E 17° 5.716'



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