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Hornický skanzen

Mining museum in Stříbro is operated local mining association which is composed of volunteers and enthusiasts. They set out to document and protect cultural studies in the area of mining silver. The result of over a decade of efforts is to build a mining trail, access adits Prokop and mining museum.

Mining museum was opened in September 2005. Outdoor exposure shows mining technique of Stříbro district and throughout the Czech Republic. In the exhibition there are mining trucks, drilling hammers, different types of chains, hydraulic and mechanical tipper, mining loaders, drilling system and has many other historical exhibits functional complements mine locomotive. It is also used for surface mining track that begins at the museum and has a length of 325 m.

Besides the see the entrance to the exploration gallery, where are examples of methods of mining from the Middle Ages until the 20th century. A unique feature is made available hereditary royal gallery Prokop. This is the most important mine Stříbro district. Century began to be excavated back in 1513, so drained of existing and future works in the area of the vein „Rich blessing.“ When in 1743 taking mine Austrian Bureau of Mines is its length over 2.5 km. At a distance of 340 m from the entrance of the tunnel is located the main pit mining (called Žentourová). Extraction runs until 1908 and is restored in the years 1918–1930. After 1945, the next stage is started mining in Stříbro. During the 50th years Žentourová pit (at the time called Brokárna) deepened to 272 mA Prokopská adit reached 1823 m length Mining finally ceased in 1966.

The tour Royal Prokop genetic drift measured 700 mA time tour lasts 80 minutes. In the gallery you will see the tools needed to extract, but also the device for pumping water from flooded kjejímu works and conscription into the river Mze.

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