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Renesanční most

Renaissance Old Bridge in Stříbro was built in 1555 – the 1560th Until the construction of the new bridge assures entry into the city of Pilsen and Prague. The form of the building is often used as a symbol of the city instead of the character. Not so well known is that in the Czech Republic are only two bridges bridges decorated gates. They are the Charles Bridge in Prague and just the Stříbro. Prismatic bridge tower was built simultaneously with the bridge Benedict Volchem from Ferrol in Spain and complement fortifications had very significant and rich mining town. From a technical point of view, the bridge consists of two parts. The first two arcs crossing the river and the second Mže are three smaller arches that serve as „bridge the flood.“ Bridges are not aligned and is located between the bridge gate. The bridge is almost six meters wide, the total length of the two buildings is 60 meters. Gate itself stands on a 5 m wide upstream pillars. The tower has a square base with annex for spiral staircases, windows and rectangular stone slab with the contemporary Czech inscription.

Many bridges in the Czech Republic and in some German-speaking countries are guarded by his patron, nor the local bridge is no exception. Protector of the local St. Jan Nepomuk. The original statue dates from 1721. The original sculpture is now displayed in the museum Stříbro. Here is a replica of Jaroslav Sindelar made in 2005. The two empty pillars became angels who are now lost.

The entire bridge is built of sandstone blocks. Sandstone of the bridge was mined in quarries in the direction of Těchlovice. During the Late Carboniferous to Permian about 300 million years ago. In the vicinity of silver on the bottom of bodies of water deposited sediments, which over time turned into islands sedimentary rocks formed sandstones, arkoses and conglomerates. You are not differentiated. People in the construction thus have to carefully select the right stone, the bridge was not subject to weathering and endured to this day.

GPS position

N 49° 45.029', E 13° 0.090'