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Koubkova branka

After moving to the slope above the valley of the river Mže was built fortifications. Internal walls date from the 14th – 15 century. It was first fortified Old Town, then called New Town, which is located on the side sloping down to the river. Entry to the city was secured by two gates. The upper (Cheb) and Lower (Prague). Chebská gate once stood on the street today Benesov and was demolished in 1877. Prague Gate situated in Plzen street Stříbro been demolished in 1839. Remnants of the walls are preserved in the park and on the south side of town. Became part of the fortifications on the southern outskirts Koubkova goal. Was built in 1574 by miller Koubek, who at his own expense built for better access to the local mill. It is an interesting late-Gothic prismatic j gate, which in virtually original appearance has been preserved to this day. In addition to the defense function was inhabited věžním and then the other inhabitants up to the 50th 20th century. Then remained unused and fell into disrepair. Only in 1989, it took cavers. In the 90 20th century was restored and since 2004 has been owned by the city. It is still used as a clubhouse for casual events. The building is built of quarried stone, as well as the entire wall, čtverhranného irregular layout. On the first floor there is a hallway and own room functioning as a clubhouse. At the level of the second floor is a wooden porch on corbels. So called Gothic stone bearing prismatic cells, which are extended horizontally from the walls and generally carrying gallery.

GPS position

N 49° 45.040', E 13° 0.345'