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13. poledník

Planet Earth has an irregular shape called a geoid. To view the maps, globes and the simplified shapes, especially balls. In the case of maps, this spherical surface projected on two dimensional paper. This operation always distort reality, so for better orientation in the map using imaginary lines that facilitate it. Are called parallel horizontal and vertical meridians. With their help, also determines the geographical location.

Parallels the circumscribing circle on the ground parallel to the equator, and thus perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the Earth. They indicate the latitude (north or south). The longest parallel is the equator (40,076 km), which is sometimes referred to as zero parallel. Parallel to the direction from the equator to the poles shorter. Important parallels are even tropics over which culminates in the Sun during summer (tropic of Cancer) and winter (tropic of Capricorn) solstice. Latitude indicates the angle between the line passing through the center of the Earth and a given point with the equator plane. The second type of curves are meridians. They combine both poles and give the latitude. This is determined by the prime meridian, which passes through the Greenwich Observatory. Was not always this very basic meridian. By the year 1884, for example, used the meridian crossing the island of Ferro in the Canary Islands, so the coordinates on old maps differ from those used today. Longitude is measured as a deviation from the plane of the meridian plane base (Greenwich) meridian. According to the meridians is determined by the date. Day lasts 24 hours and the country is divided into 360 degrees of longitude. It comes to us that 15 degrees of longitude, the time advances by one hour. Thus the time zones. On each meridian can be determined as well as the local time, which is different from that of the official minutes.

Stříbro through the 13th Meridian, which indicates 13 degrees east of Greenwich.

GPS position

N 49° 45.251', E 12° 59.974'