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Stříbro watefalls

The city Stříbro may pride itself on its water-falls, which are situated in the altitude about 365 m a. s. l. on the Stříbrský potok brook. A red-marked tourist path from the square to park leads to them. The falls, separated by a flat stage, are located in a zigzag rock trough. The trough with cascades represents a remarkable natural creation, which documents the influence of rock's foliation and of cracks in rock basement on the relief formation. The falls rise from mutual working of two natural factors, which are slope of the water stream and the geological background.

Scheme of waterfall

Stříbro waterfaals are in the solid methamorphic rocks

The appearance, evolution and disappearance of the falls represent within the frame of destructive processes, continuously operating on the Earth, an episode, lasting usually hundreds of thousand years only. The Stříbro falls formed in a lateral valley of the river Mže. Their bedrock consists of phyllites from Precambrian (of the Proterozoic era), which were formed by metamorphism of clayey shales. In this way they obtained greater hardness and endurance, which are suitable for water-fall formation. During the backward erosion the water course cuts into the stone base. If it encounters a resistant rock, which cannot be disintegrated, the falls or cascades are formed. The first fall has 2 meters in height and lies in upper part of the park bellow a foot-bridge over the brook. Water stream flows through a narrow slot, which gets wider. The stage forms an inclined, smooth plane, affected by a flexion. The fall forms a pool at the base, where the falling water loses its energy and the stream slows down. Water flow rate is roughly 30 l/sec, slope of the flow and the falls varies around 45°. Further the brook forms a 100-meter series of rapids. Two 2 to 3 m high cascade falls decorate, together with rapids, the rock gully, which was formed by action of water along two parallel vertical joints. The cascade represents a group of low, mutually follow-up rock stages in the stream bed. Rock stages of the Stříbro falls form inclined stone planes. Prior to the influx into Mže the Stříbrský brook digs in the rocks and increases the slope. It overcomes the last section to the river by rapids and cascade-like falls in a rock ravine.

Initial stadium of a waterfall

GPS position

N 49° 45.223', E 13° 0.466'