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Městské muzeum

Minorite monastery with the church of Sts. Mary Magdalene was built around the year 1238 can be said with certainty that the monastery existed 1272. Lived here a small community of four mendicant preachers. Later the church was built. Augustine was consecrated as Mary Magdalene in place of an existing sanctuary. Fires of the 15th and the first half of the 16 century monastery suffered damage along with the whole city. In 1702 the gallery was rebuilt in the convent. At that time the church was in a very bad condition, so he had to be closed in 1741 and dismissing the Mass in the chapel. Barbara, who is also part of the church. Reconstruction of the church began 1753. In 1785, a patent was Joseph II. monastery was closed, like many others in the neighborhood. Church. Mary Magdalene was in 1790 equipped with new furniture, got a new organ. He moved here a miraculous image of Our Lady of Sorrows, because the church of All Saints was in disrepair. Church of Mary Magdalene became the parish church.

In the former Franciscan monastery is now the town museum, which includes the information center, exhibition gallery and a multipurpose hall. City Museum can be described as the type of National Museum, with a focus on mining and geological fields. Thanks collections are not only familiar with the culture and historical development of the city, but also minerals occurring in ore veins. In particular showcases are exhibited by species as the main ore minerals and minerals spoil. Numerically represented as secondary minerals, resulting decomposition of the main ore minerals. The second exhibition is devoted to the local minerals, but also from all over the country and the world, designed mainly for educational purposes. You know all kinds of rocks. It is established, igneous and metamorphic. Emphasis is placed on the Tertiary magmatic and volcanic activity of the area.

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