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Settlement Stříbro promontory archeological findings show settlement in the Middle Bronze Age. This settlement, however, has the later Slavice settlement of any continuity.

The medieval village Stříbro is the first mention dates back to 1183 charter, which is named Argentaria – silverchess. Charter is now located in La Valletta in Malta.

Between the years 1240 – 1250 were on a rocky promontory above the old mining settlement laid the foundations for a new royal city. His plan was already meted out regularly and gradually fortified walls and gates. The favorable development of the city has had a significant share of lead ore mining, silver has not benefited but never here. Effect was also advantageous location of the city on an important trade route connecting Prague with Bavarian cities. Under pressure stříbrských Burgesses was abolished some of the privileges of the nearby town of Stribro Kladruby and thus deprived the uncomfortable competition.

Before the Hussite wars Stříbro belonged to the four largest cities in the Region. There were three churches and a monastery.

In the 16th century. seen rapid economic prosperity of the town. Stribro then owned 13 villages and brewery, while exports of beer brought substantial revenues. In the 16th century has seen improvement and extension of these fortifications. Built a number of town houses, town halls and churches repaired.

Renaissance Town Hall bears over the door of the hall year 1543. A large building with three gables was built on the site of several townhouses. The expansion of the input in its present form has been building after a fire in 1589. During perestroika was modified outside sgraffito. Figural graffiti are major events in the history of the city. Alleged foundation of the city, defending the city against the crusaders Hussites in 1427 and allegory of justice. Ultra tracts Hall, the cross vaults, interior aisles are barrel vaults. Renaissance vaults are the town hall and the first floor of the building, the original is also a portal and embossed lining. In the 19th century was rebuilt rear parts of the town hall. The last renovation took place in the 90 town hall 20th century.

GPS position

N 49° 45.166', E 13° 0.294'