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Okolí Jablunkova


A storm always carries a bit of danger, especially if it comes upon you in the open country. A farmer from Písečná was once coming home from the fields with his horse-drawn wagon, and a storm came upon him on the way. During the terrible thunderstorm, rumbling directly overhead, a bolt of lightning struck the farmer’s wagon and the horses. Fortunately, the farmer was only struck unconscious, and when he came to, he found out he had not been hurt by the lightning. But his horses lay dead around the wagon. The farmer’s first thought was dedicated to God, thanking him for saving his life and deciding to build a chapel on the spot as a display of gratitude. It was probably built in the mid 19th century and consecrated to St. Isidore the Farmer, the patron saint of peasants. Holy services are held by the chapel to this day on St. Isidore’s Day.

GPS position

N 49° 34.345', E 18° 47.094'



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