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Sedmihoří - Valcha


The village Bernartice was founded in the first half of the 12th century, which is one of the oldest sites in the area. The first mention of the village dates from the 1158th It took nearly 200 than local fortress was built. First the nickname of Bernartice were Bozděch are mentioned and his son Bušek. In 1395 John is the owner of Bernartice. After his death, the first fort and literally mentioned in the inventory of his property. Purkartové gaining a stronghold. In 1627 the fortress mentioned as a farm in poor condition, which is due debts for sale. After jetvrz unclear property relations in 1638 sold Divis Kocová DOBRŠ of the Bystřice. The inventory of property gives Jake the fort abandoned. Divis also bought the brewery, malt, fermenting cellar and farmyard as part of the fortress.

The restoration of the fort dočkává around 1700, when its owner was Anna Elizabeth. For its time the fort was converted into a lodge. But already her sons again leave her desolate. Head no longer playing a role, an important yard is adjacent to the brewery. The definitive end of the fortress, respectively. castle like mansion comes in the 30th the 18th Century, when the property Hildebrandt and is used as a dwelling for the farm manager and his officials. In 1786, under pressure from the local administrator repaired part of the fortress, which is used for residential purposes. From then until 1945, the family includes objects Löwenstein-Wertheim. In the post-war settlement of the border passes homestead and fort into the hands of the current owner's parents. 22nd 4th 1991 the fort declared a cultural monument by the Ministry of Culture.

In addition fortress located in the village church. Peter and Paul. The first mention of the church is from 1384. The church, however, was in 1737 and newly built in the years 1741 to 1750 West Bohemian Baroque architect as a unified architecture for Charles of Loewenstein. Nnyí is in a very dilapidated state and waiting for reconstruction. In the lower part of the village you will find is the statue of St. vsloup. John of Nepomuk from the 1st 18th century, which was declared a monument in 1997.

GPS position

N 49° 37.679', E 12° 48.027'