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Okolí Jablunkova

Chapel of mother of god of Czestochowa

Jablunkov and Písečná used to be connected by a simple field track only. One Jan Lubojatzki was once coming home to Písečná down it. It was late in the evening when Jan was suddenly attacked by wolves. He tried to scare them away by lighting matches that he was carrying. He lit the last match by a tree on which a picture of Mother of God of Czestochowa hung. Jan began to implore Mother of God to help him, and promised to build her a chapel if she saved his life. The wolves left him indeed, and Jan returned home happily. Till the end of his life, he tried to save up money to build the chapel, but he was poor and only saved up very slowly. Jan’s wife had the chapel built in 1926 only after his death, and put the picture that had hung on the tree inside it.

Whether Jan Lubojatzki was really attacked by wolves is not known. The fact is that the beasts are quite easily frightened and prefer staying away from people. But the chapel exists to this day and since 1990, it has been the last station of the cross on a pilgrimage organised by Jablunkov Franciscans in the Lent season.

GPS position

N 49° 34.384', E 18° 46.954'



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