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Konstantinovy Lázně

Nordic walking

Nordic Walking originated in Finland. These include physical activities suitable for all ages and ability groups. The Nordic Walking technique is not complicated. Nordic Walking uses special walking sticks. Important is their correct length and also coordination of legs and hands movement. When walking, the left hand moves forward with the right leg. Thanks to the sticks a proportion of body weight is transferred to the muscles of the arms and in this way the legs are relieved. Nordic Walking can be therefore practiced by people who have problems with the joints of the lower limbs. Sticks also help to straighten your back when walking. This technique engages up to 90% of the muscles. Therefore you consume up to 600 kcal / h, which is much more energy than by normal walking. The result is also an increased heart rate. Nordic Walking is therefore suitable as a prevention against cardiovascular diseases. Nordic Walking has become a trend among sports for health and fitness and has many followers. Movement in nature with two sticks offers many advantages for our body and can be used by people of all ages. The Nordic Walking fitness park in Konstantinovy Lázně (Constantine Spa) offers paths of various length with differing levels of difficulty. The Nordic Walking fitness park is also suitable for sporting activities such as walking or jogging. The Forest around the spa provides fresh air and idyllic scenery, which are ideal for relaxing walks. Nature trails with a range of information on the geology, vegetation and animals are part of the concept of spa surroundings. They highlight the various attractions. Among the special offers are courses in Nordic Walking. The forest terrain of Konstantinovy Lázně offers ideal conditions for forest walks and hikes. There are 3 marked paths with different levels of difficulty within the Nordic Walking Centre of Konstantinovy Lázně. The start and finish points of all paths is at the spa Hotel Jirasek, where there is an information board with a map of all paths and the basic description of Nordic Walking techniques. The shortest blue path is1.6km long and goes through the spa park. The red path is 4.8km long The longest, the black path, it is 11.2km long and goes around the soccer field and continues through Polžice around Ovčí Hill to the villages of Krasíkov and Kokašice and back to Konstantinovy Lázně. From the information boards along the routes of the Nordic Walking paths you can learn a lot about local plants and animals. The paths are suitable not only for walking but also for running. The routes can also be ideal to explore on a mountain bike

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