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Konstantinovy Lázně

Rudolfův pramen

Bedrock consists of weakly metamorphosed phyllites. Output acidulous takes place after the fault lines, which are also the connecting paths underground carbon dioxide. Mineral springs contain traces of hydrogen sulfide. The cause of this unattractive smelling gas are Proterozoic shale containing pyrite and organic matter, the decomposition of sulphate component arises waters. Organic compounds from shale possible the desulfurication (sulfur) bacteria as a product of its metabolism produce hydrogen sulfide. This process gave rise to a popular name Rudolf Spring stinky, which is mentioned already in the 16th century.

The mineral springs at Nova Ves its healing properties have been known since time immemorial. Interest springs revived in the late 18th century, when the Bezdružice estate taken at that time extensive geological surveys. Was found to be gold, silver or mercury sulfide for the production of mercury. The results of these surveys have led farmers from Nova Ves to build a simple wooden spa building in the sulfur spring surrounded by peat bog.

In 1812 farmers from Nova Ves built new stone building with spa facilities. The building had 22 rooms, catering facilities and five spa cabins. It was in the 50 the 20th century and with it torn down and filled spring. The spring was discovered by accident when the rescue dog was discovered original wooden casing, which is here today.

For further development of the spa was very important that the next time he gained further peat lands. On these plots was established large pond, built roads to Old luxury spa and still deserted and barren moorland area was planted park. To this day, not only to preserve the building, but also a swimming pond, which can be found on the way to the center.

Future of the spa could be ensured only when ill be ordained peat baths and the treatment of drinking, let Löwenstein capture hradišťského springs at the foot of the hill (today springs in the center of the park). In 1873 he established a colonnade and today's spa park. This was the center of the spa moved to a position which is known today.

GPS position

N 49° 53.478', E 12° 58.333'