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Konstantinovy Lázně

Studánka lásky

Studanka lasky (Fountain of love) rises to the surface on the fault line. They caused the Tertiary basaltic volcanism that created the nearby hills such as basalt or Krasíkov Sheep Hill. Mineral spring contains hydrogen sulphide. The cause of the strong aroma of gas are Proterozoic shale containing pyrite and organic matter, the decomposition of sulphate component arises waters. Organic compounds from shale allowing the existence of bacteria as waste products from the body ylučují just unattractive smelling hydrogen sulfide gas.

Mineral water on the left bank Hadovky rises to the old oak barrel where you can this tasty hydrogen sulphide water to drink. The presence of hydrogen sulfide reveals strong earthy flavor and white coatings on the walls of the pit. Popular superstition says that if you drink from the spring together two lovers, their love was never extinguished.

Another attraction is the local train local railway bridge Pňovany – Bezdružice, which has been in operation since 1901.

Viaduct track here overcomes Hadovka. Bridge opening has a span of 10 meters, the total length of the bridge is 15 meters above the river and the height of 8 meters. The viaduct is a good example of working stone masters from Italy and Switzerland, who have contributed to building local train. Without major repairs over a hundred years faithfully serve and two times higher speeds and heavier traffic than in the days of its creation. Sensitively also fits into the romantic natural surroundings. The greatest interest viaduct you can see at his heels. It is a water supply reservoir for steam locomotives, the causeway leads to the necessary pipes. Steam locomotives had to be fitted with a special device vodotažným powered by steam. Last here draw water even in 1969. More information can be found on the viaduct on the information board trail to the spring of love, relaxation gazebo provide for the well.

GPS position

N 49° 51.768', E 12° 58.332'