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Konstantinovy Lázně

Prusíkův pramen

Konstantinovy Lazne is the smallest spa resort of Western Bohemia. Spa currently have one main source – Prusik. Others occur in the wider area. Geology around Konstantinovy Lazne are originally deep-Proterozoic shale formations that direction from southeast to northwest pass in weakly metamorphosed phyllites (nearby Konstantinovy Lazne) and then in the schists, mica schist and gneiss paragneiss. Relief above the surrounding peneplain substantially perform body Tertiary volcanics. Acidulous output is never the fault lines north-south direction, which are also the connecting paths deep carbon dioxide. Mineral springs contain traces of hydrogen sulfide.

Before the end of the 19th century spa moved to the newly established park where they work today. In the years 1965–1968 there was being a hydrogeological survey, were drilled new resources and disposed of old. Simultaneous operation of the spa serves 40 m deep borehole BV-11, named as Prusik spring. Mineral water from the well and the oldest spa building bears the name of the Prague professor and cardiologist Bohumil Prusik big fans Konstantinovy Lazne. Prusik source can be sampled in the main colonnade with columns of circular gazebo or pavilion in the source (open 6 to 20 hours), built by the generous style of socialist realism.

An important feature Prusíkova source is high in carbon dioxide, which is used for different types of bubble baths and gas injections. Its content is 3600 mg / l, the highest concentration of mineral springs in the country. Konstantinovy Lazne treat cardiovascular diseases, renal endocrine, diabetes and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Drinking helps cure infertility, depression, insomnia and migraines, improve sexual function and regulate the menstrual cycle.

GPS position

N 49° 52.898', E 12° 58.613'