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Nature reserves and monuments

Vysoky vodopad

You are in the Vysoký vodopád (High Waterfall) nature reservation, which extends over 141 ha. 270 metres above you, from the valley between Malý Děd (1368 m above sea-level) and Velký Jezerník (1307 m above sea-level) the Studený potok (Cold stream) spring is located, from where the stream flows on its long journey north to the Baltic Sea. And right from the start, it’s a rough ride. The water falls over rocks of geological significance comprised mostly of gneiss with some granite. The waterfall was originally 45 metres high, but a flood in 1880 broke it up into a series of smaller waterfalls and cascades.

These rocks which stand dozens of metres high are a historic nesting place for peregrine falcons, with the common raven and the Spotted Nutcracker also nesting here. The region is also significant for being part of the territory of lynxes.

GPS position

N 50° 6.838', E 17° 12.516'



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