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Hanovská kyselka

Hanov acidulous waters

The first list of local acidulous waters is from 1609 from the Premostratensians of Teplá Abbey. Another description comes from Bohuslav Balbín from 1679. He mentions also the spring near the village Křepkovice the 26th chapter of the first volume of his historical book Historical diversities in the Kingdom of Bohemia. Acidulous water of Pěkovice has the appearance of a wild natural source.

Hanov acidulous waters in the spring

The once popular Beranovská acidulous water springs from the trunk in concrete rings. There are several mineral springs in the river basin of Hadovka in paragneiss and schists of Teplá crystalline. Hanovská acidulous water springs up at the right bank of Hadovka. Another natural acidulous water is located about 1.2 km south of the village Křepkovice. Křepkovická acidulous water belongs to springs with low mineralisation of about 400 m/l, increased carbon dioxide level up to 2000 mg/l and iron content of 36 mg/l.

Křepkovická acidulous water

The trip to the springs of Hanovská acidulous water leads along the forest path from the Hanov – Zhořec road. It is necessary to leave the path after about 700 m to the left through the little valley towards Hadovka. The water rises in two springs 5 metres apart, about 60 m upstream. The springs were cleaned and restored in 2008. The collecting body stabilises the properties of mineral water. The hollowed tree trunks were the oldest reservoirs of mineral waters, primarily durable fir wood, which does not decay, was used. Natural reservoirs typically reach a depth of about a meter. Catchments in hollowed trunks were covered by wooden tops. The "lower " acidulous water is strongly reddish due to iron compounds, the "upper " is rather colorless and murky. Hanovská hydrocarbonate calcium-magnesium acidulous water has a temperature of about 5 ° C, contains about 700 mg/l of mineralization with carbon dioxide content of 2042 mg/l in the “lower” and 1,254 mg/l in the “upper”.

The Hadovka river

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