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Trip Keprnicke mountains

What the lost hunter saw – what you perhaps didn’t notice on your way up…

In the early 14th century there were no paths or roads up onto Šerák Mountain, a place of thick virgin forest and wild animals. Down in the valley the forests were already cultivated and managed, but almost untouched beech forests covered the slopes. Up towards the mountain ridges there were more spruce, and then the trees thinned out and were gradually replaced by alpine meadows. In the 18th century sheep were left to graze here, and from the mid 19th century trees were felled. However, over time local foresters realised that it was also necessary to plant trees as there was a constant shortage of wood, and the forests could not renew themselves without the intervention of man. They knew that spruce grew quickest. Higher up, where even spruce can’t grow, they decided to plant dwarf pine, not native to the Jeseníky.

GPS position

N 50° 11.251', E 17° 6.469'



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