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Zadní Chodov

Zadní Chodov is a large commune, founded at the road from Chodová Planá to Mähring. In the year 1365 it belonged to domain of Chodová Planá and in 1555, when in the village lived 50 families, it was already part of the Tachov domain. The original inhabitants, Chods, who bewared the frontier woods, did not pay taxes. In the year 1930 there were 129 farmhouses with 710 inhabitants in Zadní Chodov. The commune belongs to the best preserved urban complexes in the Tachov area. In the middle of the village square stands a small Trinity church, which originated in the years 1781–83 from a baroque chapel, built in yr. 1724. According to unverified notices a gothic church from 14th century had stood here. Also buildings of individual farmsteads are interesting, e.g. a stony granary at house Nr. 43, dated into the time after 1500 A.D. Old silver-ore mines near Zadní Chodov were mentioned in yr. 1606. The Uranium ore had been mined at Zadní Chodov in the years 1953 to 1993, when 5 shafts and 167.4 km horizontal mining works were dug. The main mineral was uraninite, accompanied by fluorite with barite and also by pyrite with pyrrhotite. Domains altered to albite and chlorite formed the most favorable sections for the hydrothermal ore mineralization. The mineralization is bound to fillings and altered surroundings of joint systems and dislocations between two marked faults of W-E direction. It was prevalently dispersed, nest-like and concentrated into four ore columns, from which the southern one rose up to the surface. The mined area included 7.2 km2. The ore was mined in depths up to 1 200 m bellow the surface. Uranium mining proceeded by methods of benching up with a proper packing, and scramming bellow an artificial roof. Ore was processed in a chemical plant in Mydlovary. In total, 4150.7 tons of uranium was obtained. Contaminated spring of mine waters from the flooded work is purified and long-run monitored. The nearby border crossing Broumov – Mähring was opened in the year 1991.




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