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The geological substrate is formed by the Moldanubian gneiss. Gneisses were probably the original form of offal and shale rock flysch character and different granularity. During the Cadomian and Variscan orogeny at high temperatures and moderate to low pressures, the original rock transformed (metamorphosed) to biotite to biotite-muscovite gneiss. Not too frequently to occur even blue mineral cordierite. During vrásnících and thermal conversion processes seem to have penetrated quartz veins containing udních minerals. Jansky chateau (Johanneshof) acquired title by the statue of John of Nepomuk, which used to stand near a nearby mill. Sometimes referred to as a mansion Kastnerův (Kastner Schlösschen). It is reputed to be the oldest castle in the neighborhood. The first mansion was built in the 16th Broumov century. This, however, failed to locate it. Lock, whose founder was Haimhausen genus, was most likely built in the years 1623–1742. During that time, succeeded to the estate of Theodor Haimhausen, (hand died 1626), after the estate managed by Jan Albrecht (d. 1659), John William (d. 1683), Franz Ferdinand (died in 1724). From 1724 to 1793 held the manor Zikmund Haimhausen. According to the second theory, which is less likely to lock me younger. The theory is based on the late baroque and classical forms. That would be its origin shifted to the end of the 18th century. It is certain that the state had in 1818, when she died Johana, daughter and heiress of Sigismund Haimhausen because the lock was on the list of the estate. The castle is now very dilapidated. It is a rectangular multi-storey building, built in the late Baroque and classical style. North and south facade is seven axes, four-axis east and west. The outbuilding approximately halfway southern facade is the social facility. On the ground floor through the center of the lock in the direction of the north-south corridor with featureless portals at both ends.

Statue of sv. Vít (st. Vitus)

St. Vitus chateau was rebuilt into a hotel

GPS position

N 49° 53.345', E 12° 36.537'