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Trip Keprnicke mountains

The story of the highest forest in the Jeseníky – how forester Zirnfuss lost a hundred gold pieces

Believe it or not, but 200 years ago there were alpine meadows here instead of the forest you see today. In their need for wood, iron furnaces in the valleys almost stripped the mountains bare, but the local foresters were not resigned to the fact. In June of 1853 they received an interesting letter with a Vienna postmark from the Imperial Forestry Association. The letter was clear in its message: ‘Whoever manages to plant the largest area of meadow high in the mountains with trees, will win 400 gold pieces’. The foresters from the Loučná Estate on Praděd Mountain began to compete with local foresters on Keprník Mountain from the Branná Estate. The Branná foresters under Mr Zirnfuss in the end came second, winning 300 gold pieces.

GPS position

N 50° 10.109', E 17° 7.080'



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