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Mining Towns and Villages


Krajková is located in the natural park of Leopold Hamry in southwestern Erzgebirge. Northwest of the village rises the Březnice Hill (662 m), southwest the elevation Na Rovině (620 m). In the West, the Water reservoir Horka is located in the valley of the Libocký creek.

The Town seal from the 16th century

On the ancient trade route to Saxony lying settlement Krajková (then Gossengrün) is first mentioned in 1350. As part of the Hartenberg Dominion, Count Wenzel Schlick acquired the village in 1460. In 1484 became Gossengrün a town and 1488 obtained from King Vladislav II coat of arms and seal. In the northern neighbourhoods, silver and lead ores were mined. Mining decline brought the Thirty Years' War (1618–1648). In the 19th century was the main source of livelihood lacemaking. Gossengrün was renamed to Krajková in 1948, and in 1950 lost his town rights. The dominant of Krajková is the Church Peter and Paul. Tourist destinations in surroundings are the Hartenberg Castle and the St. Trinity Chapel on the Šibeniční Hill above Oloví.

Krajková early 20th century

Neighborhood Lace is built by crystalline schists of the Krušné hory / Ergzebirge Unit. The shiny silver mica schists provide for centuries material for the construction of local buildings. They were extracted in tiny quarries, i. a. on the western end of the village, in the woods at the intersection of roads to Libnov and Leopoldovy Hamry. An interesting feature is the frequent occurrence of garnet in the upper mica schist complex. Rock with abundant brown garnets occurs e. g. on Hartenberg. Garnets fallen out weathered schists are common in sandy alluvium of the Dolinský Stream.

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