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Mining Towns and Villages


Jindřichovice is a former mining town located between 640 m and 700 m ASL on a plateau of the Nejdek Highlands, which forms the southwestern part of the Western Erzgebirge. The first mention of Jindřichovice was in 1273 in a document from Pope Gregory X. At this time, the place belonged to the monastery Teplá.

The Church of St. Martin © The Jindřichovice Municipality

From 1434 to 1672, Jindřichovice was the property of Count Schlick, under which came to a flowering. Tin, iron, lead and silver ore were mined in the surroundings. In 1537, Jindřichovice received town privileges. In 1627 had the Schlick sell the property to Otto von Nostitz. His descendants were the owner of the place until 1945. The mining history of the town is mentioned with the coat of arms.

The Municipal Coat of Arms

During the First World War in 1915, the prison camp was built by the imperial Monarchy in Jindřichovice, mainly for Serbian, Russian and Italian prisoners. About 28 000 prisoners had to work in iron and mining operations, particularly in Rotava and Sokolov. Many of them died of starvation, exhaustion, and because of poor hygiene also of epidemics. They were initially buried near the camp, some in mass graves. After the war, the Yugoslav government left remodel a waterworks built by the prisoners to a mausoleum. Most of the remains were exhumed and buried there.

Mausoleum © The Jindřichovice Municipality

GPS position

N 50° 16.934', E 12° 36.133'