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Trip Keprnicke mountains

A brush with the north

This isn’t just an ordinary meadow which we are used to finding in the foothills. It’s wet and cold here, and the ground unnervingly gives way beneath our feet. This is where peat moss takes over. So how is a peat bog actually created? The basic prerequisite is the right bedrock which does not let water drain away, and doesn’t provide plants with many nutrients. Then the lie of the land has to be the right – a flat ridge or a wide pass, for instance, which only allows water to drain away very slowly. Heavy frequent rain and a cold climate are also important. Flora and fauna in the local peat bogs are very similar to those in the tundra of northern Europe. This is because they have survived here from a colder period in the Earth’s history.

GPS position

N 50° 9.713', E 17° 7.109'



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