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Mining Towns and Villages

Nové Hamry

The first settlements at the confluence of the Bílý Creek and the Rolava River in the Nejdek domain originated probably already in the 15th century. Gained in importance until about a century later, when the the Schlick family have developed tin mining and iron ore. The settlements gradually arose into the village Nové Hamry (Neuhammer) during the 17th century. It got its name according to iron mill (“hammer”) built under the Dvorský hill.

Municipal Coat of Arms

Mining of ores took place on a small scale to the mid-19th century and was gradually replaced by other crafts. They were manufactured lace, tinned spoons, pearl buttons, working were sawmills, iron and wire mills. On the Dvorský Hill, glassworks stood from the 16th century, which is renowned for the production of blue cobalt glass. The Church John of Nepomuk was ordained 1789, in which are preserved the original organ.

Tourists at the beginning of the last century

Economic development in the region has brought the railway from Chodov over a new role to Nejdek, which in 1899 was connected to the track from Karlovy Vary to streams and Johanngeorgenstadt. Wooded mountain landscape around Nové Hamry has always been popular among tourists. To them was in 1897 built a stone tower “Pajndl” on the Tisovský Hill. The development of Nové Hamry stopped the World War. Subsequent expulsion of most local residents resulted in the loss of Erzgebirge traditions and folklore. After a half-century, Nové Hamry again become a peaceful holiday resort.

Nové Hamry at beginning of 20th century

The Pajndl Tower

GPS position

N 50° 21.612', E 11° 43.158'