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Mining Towns and Villages


Pernink is mining village on the Bohemian side of the Ore Mountains, which was based on rich tin ore occurrences. According to legend, the deposit has been found in 1532 after tin ore fragments dug out of a bear den, from here also the German village name Bärringen („Bär“ = bear). Mining settlement, however, was probably named after one of the settler families (the first known reeve of the village was Jorg Eggner, called Peer). In 1559, the Ostrov estate owner Joachim Schlick granted town privileges to the settlement.

The main tin deposits are located on the Perninský hill west of the village and on Vlčinec (Wölfling) towards Hroznětín. Significant were the placers along the Bystřice creek. Mining culminated in the 16th century, when only in the Bystřice valley 72 mills worked.

Work on a placer in the 16th century mine

The Thirty Years' War from 1618 to 1648 brought mining disruption and subsequent exodus of Protestant miners to Saxony. After the decline in mining, population sought alternative livelihoods in small crafts. In the mid 19 century, textile factory was founded. Opening of railway from Carlsbad to Potůčky and further to Saxony in 1899 Pernink brought new prosperity. The good times lasted until the World War II, which dire consequences culminated by expulsion of local German residents. But the scars will gradually heal, and Pernink became to a peaceful holiday resort.

The Pernink Coat of Arms

The coat of arms was confirmed by Joachim Schlick in 1562. Divided shield has the right red, left the gold fields. On the junction of the two fields is a red tower, at the bottom with the Schlick’s coat of arms. On the red field are two pairs of mining tools, on top crossed hammer and pick, at the bottom pick and rake. The golden field on the left side of the tower shows a bear climbing the tower.

Source: Rojík P. (2000): Historie cínového hornictví v západním Krušnohoří / Geschichte des Zinnbergbaus im westlichen Erzgebige. – OMK Sokolov. 232 p.

GPS position

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