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Vinoř - Satalice


Satalice is a Prague district and also a cadastral area of Prague, which was connected to the capital in 1974. Satalice became a part of the city district of Prague 9 in 1990. For many years it was included in the Karlínský district, then to Prague – North and later to Prague – East. The local area was inhabited as early as in the Middle Bronze Age. The history of the village is connected with neighbouring municipalities of Vinoř, Ctenice, Kbely and Letňany, with which it once formed a combined property. The first written record concerning Satalice, in the fund portfolio of the Chapter of St. Apolinar in Sadská, dates back to 1362. In 1722 Satalice was bought by the Czernins of Chudenice who remained its owners for many years. And it was they who, in around 1780, established the Pheasantry in Satalice.

Be sure to note: Between the stops Satalice and the Pheasantry in Satalice be sure to note the three English Oaks and particularly the oak with four trunks that was certainly already planted there, in the early 19th Century. What else can you visit?

Further on it is possible to continue along the Velká and Malá Obůrka – Jenštejn trail, i.e. the Vinoř – Jenštejn (Jenštejn – Vinoř) Nature Trail. The trail leads to the edge of Prague, along the valley of the Vinořský Stream, and continues through the village of Jenštejn to Jenštejn Castle. This trail is marked along its entire length of less than 3 km as a red trail. Alternatively, if you came from Vinoř to Satalice, we recommend visiting the Radonice Nature Trail, which is located 3.7 km from where you are. If you follow the southern edge of the park to the northeast (in the event that you are facing the Satalice stop – take a right) you will arrive in Radonice.

GPS position

N 50° 7.643', E 14° 34.433'