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Vinoř - Satalice

In the Alley

This stop is located in an alley formed mainly by old chestnut trees (horse chestnut), as well as by maples, lindens, etc. And why were the alleys created as such? Apparently those who planted the alleys of trees and took care of them came from three societal groups: the nobility, the Church, and the „common people.“ The nobility began planting alleys of trees in the 17th Century during the Baroque period. The landowners and the hired landscape architects considered the arrangements very comprehensively and thoroughly.

Fields, forests, meadows, water surfaces, settlements, as well as religious architecture, had their place in the composition of the landscape. Alleys also appeared in connection with the church and municipal buildings – alleys to churches, monasteries and shrines, along with the Stations of the Cross and the pilgrimage routes, to the cemeteries, the schools, the town halls, but also between the individual parks. Fruit tree alleys were frequently planted along the roads – they provided shade, protected against wind and erosion and their fruits served as a source of refreshment. Alleys are also important from the point of view of environmental protection: they are locations with a higher degree of diversity of plants and animals and in older alleys we can sometimes find warren trees. Alleys sometimes play the role of biocorridors or interaction elements in a territorial system of ecological stability.

What else can you visit?

Further on it is possible to continue along the Velká and Malá Obůrka – Jenštejn trail, i.e. the Vinoř – Jenštejn (Jenštejn – Vinoř) Nature Trail. This trail leads along the valley of the Vinořský Stream to the edge of Prague and continues through the village of Jenštejn to Jenštejn Castle. Along its entire length of less than 3 km, this trail is marked as a red trail. Alternatively, if you have come from Vinoř to Satalice, we recommend visiting the Radonice Nature Trail, which is located 3.7 km away from you. If you follow the southern edge of the park (in the event that you are facing the Satalice stop – take a right) to the northeast, you will arrive in Radonice.

GPS position

N 50° 7.882', E 14° 34.723'