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Vinoř - Satalice

At the Crossroads

At the crossroads you can decide in which direction to continue. To the east you will walk to the Vinořské fortified settlement; if you turn to the west, after cca. 300 m you will arrive on Vinořská Street, which is the connecting street between Satalice and Mladoboleslavská Street (at the beginning of Vinoř).

In the event that you follow the yellow trail, i.e. also the nature trail, and you set off to the south along the alley, you will reach the Pheasantry in Satalice. If you decide to go north, you will enter directly into Vinořský Park – which is a nature reserve created from a former chateau park in an area of 34.1 hectares.

The reason for the protection of the Vinořský Park is a significant landscaped valley, lined by sandstone outcrops, ancient oak forests and swampy alder forests. In more remote areas of ravines valuable forest stands with a predominance of lime trees can be found.

The Small-leaved Linden is a robust tree belonging to the Malvaceae family. It is a sturdy deciduous tree with a spreading, high-arched crown that grows to 30 m or more. The trunk is covered with thin, dark and shallow longitudinally wrinkled bark. The buds are black-brown, ovoid. The leaves have long petioles, they are asymmetrically heart-shaped and hairless; only at the angles of large veins on the underside of the leaves do they have rusty hairs. It blooms from June to July.

The Common Ash is usually a robust tree, growing to a height of 30 – 40 metres or more, but in less favourable conditions it can also grow as a shrub. It has grey-green branches, ovate black-brown buds that are without any major odour even after crumbling. The leaves are 20 – 25 cm long, alternate, pinnate compound with 9 – 13 leaflets. The individual leaflets are ovate and lanceolate, long pointed, slightly sharp and jagged, sessile at the petiole.

GPS position

N 50° 8.003', E 14° 34.788'