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Vinoř - Satalice

U Kamenného stolu

This is a flowage pond that lies on a nameless tributary of the Vinořský Stream. This unnamed stream flows through a ravine with steep slopes that has a depth of up to 14 m and that is the headwater area of this stream. Above the pond the gorge gradually segues into an alder forest, which is a very valuable natural element.

It can be seen from historical sources that in the past the pond was significantly less overgrown than it is today and that various celebrations and festivities of the Castle Lords took place in its vicinity (and even on the island). The pond’s name originates from an actual stone table (in Czech “kamenný stůl”) that was located on its right bank, close to the sandstone rocks.

From an ecological point of view the pond is a rather below-average water surface, mainly due to its strong shading and its significant sedimentation. There are no remarkable species of animals, nor of plants. In autumn 2008, the pond was drained and fish stocking took place. A drainage ditch was dug in the bottom and a descent to the pond was set up. After drying (for about 6 – 8 months because of the high degree of shading), the sediment was extracted and deposited at the appropriate reclamation site. The removal of the mud increased the storage capacity of the pond by 4,000 cubic metres.

Information about the pond:

GPS position

N 50° 8.314', E 14° 35.049'