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Vinoř - Satalice

U Pohanků

„Pohančák“ Though its correct name is U Pohanků the pond that you are currently looking at is more often called the Pohankův Pond or „Pohančák“ by the locals. Dredging in the U Pohanků Pond (in Autumn 2012) in addition to fish, also revealed other treasures, such as shoes, car licence plates, bottles. The redevelopment of this pond took place in the autumn of 1996. It became the first pond in the entire Vinořský pond system. It is a side pond and therefore its connection to the Vinořský Stream can easily be closed in order to prevent its re-contamination during the cleaning of the Biologický Pond that lies above it. In an area of less than two hectares found in the pond sediment, according to the analytical results, were 9 tons of cadmium, 21 tons of chromium, 15 tons of copper, 73 tons of zinc, 4 tons of nickel and 1.5 tons of lead. In the surface layer the cadmium concentration frequently exceeded 2000 ppm.

The residents of the local ponds Mainly farmed in the local ponds are the following species of fish: the Common Carp is a freshwater finned fish belonging to the Carp family. The Common Carp was probably, historically, the first domesticated fish and it belongs to one of the most important species used for aquaculture. It is the largest Czech cyprinid fish and its farming has great economic significance for the Czech Republic. Gradually its use became widespread across most of the continent.

The Northern Pike is very well adapted to its predatory lifestyle. It has an elongated cylindrical body with dorsal and anal fins located more to the rear and a long and wide mouth with a full complement of teeth.

The Grass Carp is not a native species of carp in the Czech Republic. In the former Czechoslovakia it was imported mainly for the disposal of reeds, based on its herbivorous nature. It uses its extended intestine, which is approximately twice the length of the fish itself, for the digestion of plant foods.

The Silver Carp is a freshwater fish of the carp family that is not a native species in the Czech Republic.

The Zander is one of two species of perch that is found in the Czech Republic. These include highly valued species. It is regularly farmed in ponds as an additional fish. The Wels Catfish, a member of the Catfish family, alongside the sturgeon, is the largest freshwater fish in Europe.

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N 50° 8.408', E 14° 35.104'