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Vinoř - Satalice

V Podskalí

A historical small-scale development in V Podskalí takes advantage of a terrain break beneath the rock outcrops along the naturally winding Vinořský Stream to create a picturesque urban structure. Cenomanian sandstones form the bedrock of the prevailing part of the cadastral area of Vinoř. In addition, a large area of these sandstones has been exposed, thereby providing the largest potential foundation rock. Cenomanian sandstones are comprised of preserved surf facies of the Cenomanian Sea. In the photos below that are also taken from a normally inaccessible location you can see beautiful views of the sandstone rocks that stand along a large section of V Podskalí Street.

A photo can also be found with a view of a rock that emerges from behind house No. 226 on V Podskalí Street.

The Church of the Holy Cross

On your route towards the centre of Vinoř you will notice, standing on the left side, the baroque Church of the Holy Cross. This is the oldest surviving building in Vinoř, built between 1727 and 1728 by the architect František Maxmilian Kaňka on the site of an original Romanesque building. Outside the church there is a valuable statue of St. John of Nepomuk created by the Baroque sculptor Ignác František Platzer. František Maxmilian Kaňka (*19th August 1674 in Prague – + 14th July 1766 in Prague) was a significant Czech Baroque architect. He became a citizen of the Old Town with an apartment on Dlouhá Street, where he also operated a brewery.

GPS position

N 50° 8.515', E 14° 35.098'