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Trip Keprnicke mountains

Červenohorské sedlo

The story of the Červenohorské Pass – how the horse and cart driver exchanged his horse and cart for skis. A trade route linking Moravia and Silesia has crossed the 1013m Červenohorské Pass since time immemorial. The first wayside inn for tired horse and cart drivers was opened at the pass in 1853. In the late 19th and early 20th century hiking and travel in general became popular pastimes in the Jeseníky Mountains. More chalets and inns were added. It’s a strange hobby, plodding through the snow with two bits of wood on your feet and two poles in your hands…Skiing arrived in the Jeseníky in the late 19th century. Today one of the largest ski resorts in the Jeseníky can be found at the Červenohorské Pass.

GPS position

N 50° 7.947', E 17° 9.046'



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