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Klatovský vycházkový okruh

Plánický Ridge

We are facing Plánický Ridge which is a geomorphologic part of Šumava foothills. It consists mostly of cordierit gneiss, or in higher altitudes of schist. According to vegetation reconstructions, this location belongs to sour oakwoods with islands of flowery beechwoods on mountain tops. Today, however, the dominant species is a spruce. Plánický Ridge creates a migratory route for flora and fauna from Šumava to Brdy Mountains. You can find lycopods, chrysosplenium, nightshades, soldanella montana, herb Paris, polygonatum verticillatum, honeysuckle, rosa alpina and gentian pneumonanthe here. Common nutcracker can be heard and fire salamander seen here. Jelení vrch Nature Reserve eastwards from Habartice represents native beechwoods with occurrence of adoxa moschatellina, mercurialis perennis, prenanthes purpurea, vicia sylvaticus and many other species. From the landscape point of view, the area of Plánický Ridge is well balanced. It contains forests of higher latitudes as well as waterlogged forests, numerous springheads, brooks and streamlets as well as boggy meadows. Its area is 560 km 2. Plánický Ridge was rightfully declared a nature park.

GPS position

N 49° 23.955', E 13° 18.253'



Ing. Milan Kříž