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Educational Trail Věstonice Reservoir

Floodplains under the Pálava Hills

Building an extensive complex of three water-reservoirs was an immense intervention into natural conditions which had created a unique landscape unparalleled in Central Europe. What disappeared under the water was a wetland with ecosystems of watercourses, lakes, pools, alluvial meadows and various types of floodplain forests.

Regular flooding brought plenty of nutrients and providing thus specific conditions for abundance of plants and animals. Around 120 bird species and tens of others congregated here during migrations. Stagnant and flowing water harboured around 30 species of fish, 2 newt species and 11 frog species. The European Otter was also an important mammal.

In hardwood forests Pedunculate Oaks, Desert Ashes and Elms could be found, in the softwood type of forests there are Willows, Poplars and Black Alders. Interestingly, the landscape was complemented by so-called “hrůdy” – sandy sediments which were above the water level during the period of flooding and thus enabled the occurrence of xerophilous plants.

GPS position

N 48° 54.919', E 16° 36.994'



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