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The small quarry on the top of Streckuv kopec (= the Streckuv hill) used to be occasionally opened for construction-stone mining. The local sandy limestones and calcareous marls were suitable also for lime burning.

protected area Streckuv kopec

Streckuv kopec was later designated a small-scale protected area, since the geological survey conducted here in 1989 confirmed that the site was an important “textbook” of the geological history of the Carpathian Mountains. Geologists wanted to preserve the site, so that they could study the age and evolution of the local rocks and minerals.

What have they found out so far?

  1. the local limestones and marls are between 85 and 65 millions of years old (this dates them back to the end of the Mesozoic, when dinosaurs still roamed the continent).
  2. they contain fossils of hole bearers (Foraminifera) – simple microscopic organisms with calcareous shells living in oceans.

Apart from its interesting geology, the Streckuv hill offers a wonderful view of the surrounding landscape – the White Carpathians mountain ridge in the east, the Chriby hills in the northwest, and if the visibility is good, also the Palava hills (the southernmost part of the Carpathian Mountain Range in the Czech Republic).

GPS position

N 48° 57.442', E 17° 29.086'



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