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When the inventory of the property belonging to the Czech nobleman Bores z Ryzmburka (Boresch II of Riesenburg) was being made in 1278, the village of Borsice was also included. This makes the inventory the first historic document mentioning the settlement.

Who was Boresch of Riesenburg? During the reign of the king Vaclav I (Wenceslas I), Boresch held an important position at the royal court. When Premysl Otakar II (Ottokar II of Bohemia) succeeded his father on the throne of the Kingdom of Bohemia in 1253, Boresch was imprisoned. After several years, however, he was free again, fighting alongside his king on the battlefield of Kressenbrunn. The Bohemian king defeated the Hungarians and attached the border region between Bohemia and Hungary (current day Slovakia) to the Bohemian Kingdom. For a long time, the region along the current Czech border with Slovakia had been a “no man’s land”. It was referred to as Provincia Lucensis. To reward him for his services, Ottokar gave Boresch part of this border territory. Boresch called colonizers from Germany who found the several settlements here: Dolni Nemci, Horni Nemci, Slavkova, Suchov, and Borsice.

the Church of St. Catherine in Borsice

Some 20 years later, Boresch joined an unsuccessful rebellion against Ottokar. He was executed and his property inventoried and confiscated.

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