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The spa in Ostrozska Nova Ves opened in 1903. They use the local mineral springs with rather high sulphur content. Within the Czech Republic, this sort of mineral springs can only be found in the Carpathian region bordering with Slovakia in the east. Their origins are associated with the geological history of this area.

  1. In the Mesozoic (= “the Age of Reptiles”/dino­saurs): there used to be a shallow warm sea here, at the bottom of which dead organic matter (plankton) was being deposited.
  2. In the Terciary: the bottom of the sea started to be folded and shaped by the pressure of the big continental plates. During these processes and the volcanic activity the layers of sediments got enriched with sulphates. The deposited dead organic matter slowly changed into oil (petroleum) and natural gas (containing also methane).
  3. In the Quaternary: the sulphates, methane, and water created ideal conditions for bacteria, which produce sulphur as a by-product of their natural life-cycle. Some underground water reservoirs thus became enriched with sulphur.

At some place the trapped water later came to the surface in the form of mineral springs. The sulphur-rich mineral water from the springs in Ostrozska Nova Ves is used to treat orthopedic, revmatological, neurological, and skin conditions.

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N 49° 0.965', E 17° 26.614'



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