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Each town and village likes to boast of their distinguished and famous citizens – Ostroh being no exception. Here are a few of them:

Jan CERNY – a “First Republic” (=since the establishment of Czechoslovakia in 1918 to the beginning of the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1939) politician, who was the president of one part of the republic formed by Moravia and Silesia.

Zdenek GALUSKA – the author of very popular books of humoristic stories told in broad dialect by an old man from this region. The books have been turned into an even more popular television series full of good stories, jokes, traditional costumes, wine, and traditional wisdom.

Frantisek BEZDEK – the area of the Slovacko (Moravian Slovakia) region, which the Ostroh region is part of, has always inspired painters. Bezdek’s works, which picture the life in the region with its festive occasions, weddings, and also everyday work in the field, could be found proudly displayed on the walls of many homes in this region.

Blahoslav SMISOVSKY – a music composer and a popular and respected figure of the Slovacko region brass-band music scene.

Helena FIBINGEROVA – a female athlete, the World Champion in the shot put competition from Helsinki in 1983, who represented Czechoslovakia at many important international sports meetings. Her indoor record set by her (22.50m) is still holding.

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