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Floodplain (alluvial) meadows are an important part of the landscape around rivers and streams. They used to be grazed and mown for hay. Later, they were mostly drained and ploughed in. They also served as a natural flood barrier, since they were able to absorb a large portion of the water mass coming down the river during flood periods. Occasional flooding does not damage the floodplain meadows – on the contrary, they thrive on it. Floods bring a lot of nutrients and supply water for the wetland ponds, which are home to a great number of interesting species of plants and animals.

Iris pseudacorus

the Tree frog Hyla arborea

the Edible Frog

The Spa Wetland (Lazensky mokrad) in Ostrozska Nova Ves is one of the last fragments of floodplain meadows in this region. That is why it has been designated a Nature Monument. The protection covers also the sulphur mineral springs which come to surface here and are used in the little spa nearby.

GPS position

N 49° 1.059', E 17° 26.443'



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