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NPR Tabulová hora, Růžový vrch a Kočičí kámen

Tabulová hora, Růžový vrch and Kočičí kámen National Nature Reserve

Long time ago when southern Moravia was ruled by the Templars the castle above the village of Klentnice belonged to knight Čičos who lived there with his wife Růžena. Čičos loved his country. He was a better landowner than warrior. Once he refused to attend a battle against the infidels. Templar commander visited Čičos and charged him with treason. Čičos tried to defend himself but to no effect. Unsuspecting any danger, his wife Růžena asked the commander to become a godfather to their new-born son. The commander gave his blessing to the child and named him Orphanus. Čičos knew immediately his faith was sealed. Orphanus means orphan! Čičos was executed and his wife died of a broken heart. The Templars plundered the castle and took Orphanus with them. Only one of the servants survived and he continued to visit the ruined castle for many years after the attack. Once he met a Templar knight there. After he overcame his fear and mistrust he started to tell the knight the story of Čičos and his castle. The Templar knight confessed he was Orphanus. He was glad he finally learned the truth about his family. He settled down in the ruins of the castle and lived there in seclusion for the rest of his life.

GPS position

N 48° 50.731', E 16° 38.441'