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NPR Tabulová hora, Růžový vrch a Kočičí kámen

Tabulová hora, Růžový vrch and Kočičí kámen National Nature Reserve

You are at the Sedlo crossroads under Sirotčí hrádek (Orphan´s Castle). You can go north, visit Sirotčí hrádek, read the tale of Orphan and learn about the history of the castle. From there you can continue around the foot of Růžový vrch (Rose Hill) to Děvín which is the crossroads of many tourist trails. Or you can stay on the red trail leading across the Děvín peak to Dolní Věstonice and then further across the dam to Popice train station.

If you prefer to go northwest, the green trail will take you to a bus stop in Perná. If you change your mind and take the yellow trail above the village of Perná, continue around the foot of Tabulová hora (Table Hill) and join the green trail again above the village of Bavory. The green trail will take you back to the red trail.

If you decide to go south, the red trail will take you across the flat top of Tabulová hora (Table Hill), then down the stairs, around vineyards and across the Turold Nature Reserve directly to the centre of Mikulov and Mikulov train station. Under the stairs you can take the green trail leading to Bavory and walk the above mentioned trail around the hill foot in the opposite direction.

GPS position

N 48° 50.665', E 16° 38.402'